Description / Instruction for use

PassengerEye is a FREE mobile application that allows the user to photo report locations. Photo reports are uploaded to the portal, where you can view the photo reports.

The PassengerEye mobile application is designed for traveling salesmen, field salesmen, sales staff, promoters of various events or other similar persons. The PassengerEye mobile app can also be used privately.

The user of the mobile application PassengerEye (hereinafter salesman) can upload photo reports to one or more registered accounts (hereinafter account).

Salesmen / Employee  / Manager / Supervisor can use the mobile application PassengerEye:
– to record start and end of photo reporting (used time and path length)
– to choose location, shop, building and the like from a list of locations
– to add their own location to the list,
– to photograph or create a photo gallery of the location
– to add a description of the photo report,
– to make an upload of a photo report to the portal to the account.

A legal or natural person can open up a registered account on the portal Each salesman may have more registered accounts or may only produce photo reports for other registered accounts with the help of the mobile app PassengerEye. For the use of the mobile application a registered user account on the portal is not required, important is only that the salesman makes a contract with one of the selected accounts  (this may also be a test account).

A photo report (one or more images with description for the selected location) is stored at the portal, according to GPS location with written time and a mapped path between the photo reports.

Use of the application

  1. When the salesman logs on to the mobile app PassengerEye, he chooses first an account, with which he has a contract, this requires an internet connection.
  2. When logging on, the mobile application PassengerEye connects to the contract account to the portal and reports time and location to it.
  3. The salesman makes and uploads photo reports with the help of the mobile app PassengerEye.
  4. After the end of photo reporting and traveling the salesman logs out of the mobile application and thereby informs the contract account about spent time and mileage allowance.

Each account on the portal may have one or more salesmen, who sent photo reports to it. In the registered are displayed account photo reports, spent hours and the length of the entire travel path according to days for each single salesman. At the portal

– a travelling person can be followed in the account on a map,
– photos of locations can be checked
– path length in km and
– time spent by each salesman on a given day.

Each salesman can confirm a contract with one or more accounts resp. companies. Each account or company can have more salesmen. Therefore, each user of the mobile application can either upload photo reports to one selected account only or he can upload to multiple accounts. Depending on the number of accounts he has a contract with.

A salesman who does not have an active contract, can use a test account or can also register his business on and connect the app on his phone to his own account, and upload photo reports to it.

If a user does not wish to register an account on, he can send the PIN or API KEY of his mobile applications to the e-mail [email protected] and he will receive a contract with a test account. The test account or the test company functions without restrictions.

For functioning are required:
– Internet (for login and logout)
– enabled location on the mobile phone (GPS function)
– a connection with a registered account or a test account on

The app is not just for companies, it can also be used by individuals.

What’s New in Version 1.0
– description resp. comments below the photo made
– logon to one or more companies (i.e. to registered users on the portal)
– one company or registered account can have multiple salesmen
– measurement of working time
– measuring the path length
– various reports on the portal (number of photo reports per salesman and per day, etc.).
– adding a list of locations (import through portal)
– adding sites to a uniform list within the mobile application